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1. I will always look out for you, Tyrande.....

2. As ruler of the night elves, Tyrande spends most of her time in Darnassus.

3. Illidan and Furion Stormrage rescue Tyrande from undead forces at Lordamere Lake.
伊利迪安和 Furion风暴在洛达米尔湖从不死手中救出泰兰德。

4. Tyrande

4. A lot of details to express the catastrophe and all the feelings between the characters. The love triangle of Tyrande, Malfurion and Illidian.
包括了大灾难的具体细节描述,各人物的切身感受,以及泰兰德,马尔佛容恩和伊莲达(Tyrande,Malfurion and Illidian)的三角恋爱关系。

5. When Illidan and a group of naga appeared, Tyrande at first thought that he had come to kill her.

6. For a time she succeeded, but then the bridge collapsed, and Tyrande was swept downriver.

7. Tyrande

7. The Scourge was harrying Tyrande and the small number of Sentinels who had jumped into the river after their mistress.

8. Tyrande intervened and proposed that she and Maiev escort the blood elves over the River Arevass.

9. Believe me, brother, despite all our differences, you know that I'll never lead Tyrande to harm.....

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10. Arrogantly certain that Elune would protect her, Tyrande stood her ground on the bridge and cast a destructive spell on the undead while the blood elves retreated.

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11. However, with Tyrande's patient support, he was able to restrain himself and help his brother find the reclusive demigod, Cenarius.

12. Because I once care for you, Tyrande. I'll hunt down the demons.

13. For her part, Tyrande was already a novice in the Sisterhood of Elune and so had dedicated herself to the goddess above all others.

14. After discussing the matter at length, Tyrande and Malfurion made the difficult decision to exile their defiant kin.

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15. Unfortunately the truth about Tyrande's fate came to light just then, and Illidan was damnably quick to offer his assistance in rescuing Tyrande.

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16. Tyrande Whisperwind: Our resources are depleting fast! We must find another gold mine and muster our forces! Only then will we be able to reach the Barrow Dens.

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17. Tyrande: you know we will like mortals, we grow old with years of natural forces and erosion.

18. Accordingly, Maiev told Malfurion that Tyrande had been killed by the Scourge.

19. He happened upon the novice Tyrande Whisperwind, and she consented to lend her aid.

20. Gradually he directed increasing numbers of petitioners to the new high priestess of Elune, Tyrande Whisperwind, whose compassion and wisdom went a long way toward calming post-war tensions.

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