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1. Methods Of 3205 pregnant women, 219 cases were found to have PIH.

2. 219是什么意思

2. Article 219 The insurable value of the subject matter insured shall be agreed upon between the insurer and the insured.

3. RESULTS: The morbidity of this kind fistula was 1.83%(4/219) in our hospital. All the 5 patients suffered fistula 1-13 days after esophagogastrostomy; bronchopleural fistula occurred in 2 patients.

4. Guan Yu (160–219) was a military general under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period in ancient China.

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5. With 3, 219 kilometers (1, 996 miles) of coastline, Thailand offers many unspoiled beaches with crystal-clear waters.

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6. According to the seamless pipe release inventory of victories data show that the main cities in 216mm specifications seamless tube 219 * average prices for under yuan/ton, average price last week 5810 yuan/ton, a week dropped 53 yuan/ton.
据兴胜无缝管网发布的盘点数据显示:全国21个主要城市219*6mm 规格无缝管平均价格为5757元/吨,较上周平均价格5810元/吨,较上周下跌了53元/吨。

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7. Correspondingly about 40 kilometers pipes have been finished, whose diameters are respectively 219, 159 and 108, and can completely meet the working and living needs of CADA.

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8. Earnings per share, according to the latest data, static earnings ratio of less than 10 times the stock reached 219, including eight for Shanghai top 20 heavyweights.

9. Results 448 internal mammary artery and 219 radial artery were used. The mean grafting number was 3.2 vessels.
结果 共取乳内动脉448根,桡动脉219根,平均移植血管3.2支,死亡8例,死亡率1.8%。

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10. The price of our crimes Civil servants who turn fraudsters tell of the heartache their families had to endure for their wayward actions By MODISE KABELI Crime Reporter PROVINCIAL civil servants who turn fraudsters are paying a bitter price for their crimes.

11. The existing staff of 219 schools, 185 full-time teachers, including teachers, class 1, 55 senior teachers.

12. In this experiment, the plate count method was used to detect the inhibit effects of around 10 biological preservatives, such as gluconolactone, fumaric acid, glycine and others against the microorganisms of the fresh water fish.

13. Unit 219 Would you like to go to a concert with me?

14. High, in the case of the Adirondacks, means above 4, 000 feet (1, 219 meters).

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15. Wu Guiqiao your first bus station, and then switch to road 219 (3 yuan per person), about 40 minutes on that.

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16. One day come back is definitely enough, and indeed there can be full of, ah those sad Mesona full of delicious, I often run it and the students visited, you can go to the Road 219 Wugui Qiao do, you can sit over there in the past from the Longquan Now the traffic to facilitate the full Oh!

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17. Numerical Simulation on Oxygen Stream Field of Coherent Jet Oxygen Lance and Application to a 70 t Arc Furnace
在鄂钢70 t Consteel电弧炉上应用表明,使用集束氧枪后平均电耗由338 kW h/t降低到219 kW h/t,电极消耗未变,为1。

18. ResultsThe fate of drug was consistent with finst order absorption and two compartement models (weight=1/CC), major kinetia parameters of pharmacokinetics and equation were as follows: T1/2ka=(45.29±2.07) min, T1/2a=(63.963±15.258) min, T1/2β=(280.535±214.601) min, Tmax=(50±17) min, Cmax=(14.905±3.143) mg/L, AUC(0~1440)=(2561.219±430.592)(mg·min-1·L-1), Ka=(0.015±0.001)(1/min), MRT(0~1440)=(196.865±50.656)min, C=66.697·e-0.011t+6.031·e-0.004t-72.728·
结果药物体内过程符合一级吸收二室模型(权重=1/CC),主要动力学参数及拟合方程如下:T1/2Ka为(45.294±2.07) min,T1/2α为(63.963±15.258)min,T1/2β为(280.535±214.601) min,Tmax为(50±17.321)min,Cmax为(14.905±3.143) mg/L,AUC(0-1440)为(2 561.219±430.592)(mg·min·L-1),Ka为(0.015±0.001)min-1,MRT(0→1440)为(196.865±50.656)min,拟合方程为:C=66.697·e-0.011t+6.031·e-0.004t-72.728·

19. The BAF-CMF technology was applied in municipal wastewater recycle in Harbin generate electricity plant with unit investment:1482.52$/t and unit operation cost:

20. Early today, Zhengzhou seamless part of the market specifications for minor adjustments. 57 * 3.5 is 5250 yuan/ton, 89 * 4.5 is 5050 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton, 159 * 6 is 4930 yuan/ton, up 80 yuan/ton, 219 * 6 is 5080 yuan/t, 325 * 8 is 5220 yuan/ton, down 80 yuan/ton, a smooth transaction.

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