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1. You are admitted to the hospital to give birth to your second child.

2. However, I believe that the best way to mark my birth of life is to give others a chance of living.

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3. This situation is normal, your account in 2004 in Jiangsu Province after the removal of your account would be no, and identity card numbers in the declaration when some accounts, if someone using your identity card number, then only There is a note and your people who were born the same day, but also you in one place, as is, together with more than 20 years, I do not necessarily, it is possible he used the account and your date of birth are not the same, may be precisely in you move out when he changed his age, resulting in his new identity card number and your like, since you changed the numbers, the public security organs will give you a change to prove the identity card numbers, and prove that you received, and not will affect your previous whatever.

4. Because you will conceive and give birth to a son.
13:5 你必怀孕生一个儿子,不可用剃头刀剃他的头,因为这孩子一出胎就归神作拿细耳人。

5. Even during the time of Jesus, people did not believe a virgin could give birth to a child.

6. How can you afford to give birth to quadruplets?

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7. We are curing diseases and seeing once sterile people give birth to quadruplets.


8. Before the rise of palliative care movement, Buddhist organizations propagated Buddhist teachings actively, and transferred merits during their daily practice to be reborn in the pure land or to liberate from birth and death. Besides, they had done a lot of social charitable works to take care of the elderly and the dying, such as establishment of Mercy Cloister and Nursing Home; they emphasized to give advice to the dying, to chant for the dying and eight hours after his death, to deliver the dead with Buddhist ceremonies, and so forth.

9. I left my last job is to give birth to a baby.


10. A place of safety, to which their mothers return only to give birth.

11. When the self-balancing strategy for the bamboo in the chest when the physical powers of self-poised, self-give birth to a relaxed state of mind with joy.

12. Hey …… since last March after a low flow of people has done (stopped because of sterile embryos), a not good until now pregnant, her husband also check the semen, and I did not check the fallopian tube problems, do not know how to do, I it is really depressing dead, than I see a number of late marriage and sisters and relatives gave birth to a healthy baby, a表嫂done even 2 times the flow of people, or pregnant soon, I am now are afraid to look at to them, envy them, so why do I tend to, and they will be able to successfully give birth to a baby on the Wye, and unfair, and how to do?

13. You buried the soul stone, commissioned poor bone dust, most likely to give birth on Bao Zhao's lament as Guangling County.

14. Give me to know How this foul rout began, who set it on; And he that is approved in this offence, Though he had twinn'd with me, both at a birth, Shall lose me.

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15. I will give a birth to a baby in a month. My body is lumpish now, I even can`t walk freely. The time I bore is the time for my father`s radiotherapy. All the things come together, how can my mother measure it? My husband is in the army, leave asking is forbidden since the sixty anniversary national day. He also has to stay in the army because veteran will retire in November, so he can`t share the problem of our family.

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16. I am to give you fresh birth.

17. Verb give birth to; be delivered of; lay

18. Ver give birth to; be delivered of; lay

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19. In a country which prefers boys to girls, each family wants to give birth to boys.

20. Women in rich countries are more likely to give birth to boys because they are more stressful.

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