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1. There are always trade offs according to your play style and your teammates.

2. We need to keep our recent good run and make a push for the play offs.

3. I also like Seattle supersonics, but I not sure wether it can get into the Play-offs or not.

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4. It was first blood to Patrice Evra and Nani in the World Cup qualifying play-offs on Saturday as France and Portugal both recorded victories in the first leg ties.

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5. Now people want to play more games and play-offs, but I don't know when?

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6. When a certain behaviour is found to have obvious pay-offs or functions it is, almost by definition, no longer'play'but is defined by its function, such as foraging, predator avoidance or mating.

7. The dates of the Serie B play-offs and play-outs have also been set as the season nears its close.

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8. That will send two ofthese teams to the state play-offs.

9. That's the second time I've heard GotFrag suggest that. Maybe it's true, I don't really know. I didn't have that idea. If you look at our regular WC3L seasons, we've always done very well. I got the idea that NGL works very differently, that's true enough. The map system is not alike WC3L's, both test you in a different way. We'll be looking to at least qualify for the play-offs and see how it goes from there.

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