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1. 寄;发送;送出
When you send someone something, you arrange for it to be taken and delivered to them, for example by post.

e.g. Myra Cunningham sent me a note thanking me for dinner...
e.g. I sent a copy to the minister for transport...

2. 派遣;打发;叫…去…
If you send someone somewhere, you tell them to go there.

e.g. Inspector Banbury came up to see her, but she sent him away...
e.g. He had been sent here to keep an eye on Benedict.

3. 把…送进(学校或监狱);安排…去
If you send someone to an institution such as a school or a prison, you arrange for them to stay there for a period of time.


e.g. It's his parents' choice to send him to a boarding school, rather than a convenient day school...
e.g. You're saying they are sending too many people to prison?

4. (通过无线电波或电流)发射,发送,传送(信号)
To send a signal means to cause it to go to a place by means of radio waves or electricity.

e.g. The transmitters will send a signal automatically to a local base station...
e.g. 1989, after a 12-year journey to Neptune, the space probe Voyager sent back pictures of Triton, its moon.
太空探测器“旅行者”号在历经 12 年的飞行后于 1989 年飞临海王星,发回了其卫星海卫一的照片。

5. 使(向某方向)移动
If something sends things or people in a particular direction, it causes them to move in that direction.

e.g. The explosion sent shrapnel flying through the sides of cars on the crowded highway...
e.g. He let David go with a thrust of his wrist that sent the lad reeling...

6. 使进入(某种状态)
To send someone or something into a particular state means to cause them to go into or be in that state.

e.g. My attempt to fix it sent Lawrence into fits of laughter.
e.g. ...before civil war and famine sent the country plunging into anarchy...

7. to send someone to Coventry -> see Coventry
to send someone packing -> see pack

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