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1. 巡回访问;巡回演出;巡回比赛
A tour is an organized trip that people such as musicians, politicians, or theatre companies go on to several different places, stopping to meet people or perform.

e.g. The band are currently on a two-month tour of Europe...
e.g. It will be the first official cricket tour of South Africa for 22 years.
这将是 22 年来南非首次正式的板球巡回赛。

2. 作巡回活动(或演出、比赛)
When people such as musicians, politicians, or theatre companies tour, they go on a tour, for example in order to perform or to meet people.


e.g. A few years ago they toured the country in a roadshow...
e.g. He toured for nearly two years and played 500 sell-out shows...

3. 旅行;游历;观光
A tour is a journey during which you visit several places that interest you.

e.g. It was week five of my tour of the major cities of Europe.
那是我在欧洲主要城市游历的第 5 周。

4. (短时间的)游览,参观,观光
A tour is a short trip that you make round a place, for example round a historical building, so that you can look at it.


e.g. ...a guided tour of a ruined Scottish castle.

5. 在…旅行;游历;游览;参观
If you tour a place, you go on a journey or trip round it.

e.g. You can also tour the site on modern coaches equipped with videos...
e.g. We toured the streets of Milan.

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