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1. In this way wewill increase our knowledge.

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2. That when we finally meet the person, wewill know how to be grateful.

3. wewill是什么意思

3. The right one, so that when we finally meet the person, wewill know how to be grateful.

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4. One, so that when we finally meet the person, wewill know how to be grateful.

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5. Wewill give you our decision in a few days. How can we get in touch with you?

6. The Knicks'record would dramaticaly improve and wewill dominate in the playoffs.

7. As for the rest of the selection sensitive properties, the chapter on Working with Objects details the property pages that are common to most objects, and as each specific object is discussed in subsequent chapters, wewill cover the property pages that are relevant to each type of object.
至于其它的可选的特定属性,working with object那一章详述了各个对象的公共属性。每种对象的特有属性则在接下来的各个章节中被讨论。我们将覆盖每种类型的对象相关的属性页。

8. Please note that shipping costs are your responsibility (wewill not reimburse you for it).

9. To daffodilsrobert herrick 咏黄水仙花罗伯特·哈里克 fair daffodils, we weep to seeyou haste away so soon; as yet the early-rising sunhas not attain'd his noon. stay, stay, until the hasting dayhas runbut to the even-song; and, having pray'd together, wewill go with you along. we have short time to stay, as you; we have as short a spring; as quick a growth to meet decay, as you, or anything. we die, as your hours do, and dryawaylike to the summer's rain, or as the pearls of morning's dew, ne'er to be found again.

10. He will be our father and wewill be his children.

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11. In the third chapter, we will discuss the properties of Haar measure, and then wewill prove the Ergodic theorem; at last, we follow Dale, Baaj and Skandalis to give twoexistence theorems of Haar measure, which we proved in different language.

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12. Wewill wait here until you have Written the letter.

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