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1. Methods:①The corneas in eight normal rabbits were scratched, and then treated with a combination of topical oxybuprocaine and bupivacaine drops to one eye and placebo to the other eye to observe corneal epithelial wound healing.②80 patients with the similar diopter in both eyes were performed photorefractive keratectomy and used soft contact lens. To observe postoperative pain degree and speed of corneal epithelial wound healing, a combination of topical oxybuprocaine and bupivacaine drops was used to one eye and placebo to the other eye.

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2. The microplicae and microvilli of rabbit corneal epithelium was reduced after PRK, which may be one of the reasons for the sensation of dry eye in some patients.

3. The photorefractive keratectomy is a safe, effective and predictable method for treatment of myopia.

4. PRK

4. Objective To evaluate the effect of corneal topograph guided enhancement after photorefractive keratectomyin myopia.

5. Corneal topograph guided enhancement was safe and effecitive after PRK for regression、central island and eccentric ablation.

6. Methods PRK was performed on 387 eyes of 231 patients and LASIK was performed on 796 eyes of 482 patients with myopia.

7. These data show that excimer PRK for treatment of high myopia is an effective and safe refractive surgery.

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8. 20 Or better for PRK. At 6 months, UCVA was 94% 20/20 or better for PRK and 92% for SBK.
在第6个月,PRK组中UCVA为94% 20/20或更好,而SBK组为92%。

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9. The conservation of energy and momentum is also considered.
在Reich研究工作的基础上,我们把PRK方法应用到这种多辛Hamiltonian PDEs上,给出了它是多辛的一些充分条件,同时,对这种多辛PRK法关于线性能量和动量的保持也作了相应的探讨,这些都在一定程度上发展和拓广了现有的结果。

10. Objective To evaluate the efficacy and safety of reoperation of residual myopia because of regression, undercorrection with or without coexisting severe corneal haze after excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy.
目的 评价准分子激光屈光性角膜切削术photorefractive keratectomy,PRK)术后因屈光回退、欠矫出现的残留近视及严重角膜上皮下雾状混浊而再次手术治疗的疗效及安全性。

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11. Objective:To investigate the relationship between the operation of PRK and the tear film stability.

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12. Nowadays, it is more commonly used than PRK.

13. The last and oldest option is PRK, which is performed on an outpatient basis with local anaesthesia.


14. Corneal topography of 312 patients (366 eyes) with a month, 3 months and 6 months of follow-up after PRK was examined.

15. We are going to the Pople`s Prk.

16. LASIK and PRK have different side effects.

17. Methods 20 myopic astigmatism patients have been corrected with LASIK, and 20 myopic astigmatism patients with PRK.

18. Methods The Hospital of Optometry and Ophthamology, at Wenzhou Medical College, along with 19 refractive surgery centers, conducted clinical study of refractive surgery of laser in situ keratomileusis photorefractive keratomileusis and phakic intraocular lens. Under the established standards and procedures, multi-centers refractive surgery investgation and data collection were made in three parts studies consequently:① Clinical base study on visual function after refractive surgery was done at Wenzhou.
温州医学院附属眼视光医院等19家医院多中心联合开展屈光手术的临床研究,在统一标准和规范的前提下,开展屈光手术的临床调查和资料收集工作,手术类型包括准分子激光屈光性角膜切削术(photorefractive keratectomy,PRK)、准分子激光原位角膜磨镶术(laser in situ keratomileusis,IASIK)、眼内晶状体屈光手术(phakic intraocular lens,PIOL)。

19. Objective:To observe the factors that cause a delay in healing of the corneal epithelium and its effects on haze and vision after PRK.
目的 :了解PRK后角膜上皮延迟愈合发生的原因及其对视力、角膜上皮下混浊等的影响。

20. Conclusion: When myopia degree is lower than - 6.00D, the eccentricity on corneal topography after LASIK is more serious than after PRK, and naked vision is also lower.

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