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1. Shanghai Xin Yue painted stickers, plastic painting, baked painting, color painting clay, flower mud painting, sand painting, sand painting, powder painting, translucent painting, plaster painting, plaster mold, flash painting, flocking painting, Chinese knot, jigsaw puzzles, Symphony paintings, Fimo, pearl paintings, window sticker, Symphony 12 Lunar New Year, Chinese knots, acrylic paints, gouache paints and dozens of products, our aim is to for customer service.

2. Mix some Violet or Fuschia Premo into Purple Fimo Classic or Premo for a vibrant purple.

3. Since its inception 96 years, with a strong engineering and technical strength and excellent quality management, to become well-known enterprises, Dongguan City, in the various regions of the country enjoys a high reputation, the company introduced advanced foreign technology mass production of the wholesale carved sludge, cloud art card carving sludge, color sludge, rubber mud, clay, Fimo clay, anti cement, mold clay, sculpture work, oven, press mud machine, Fimo design and production, AB water, PU resin, unsaturated resin, a variety of silicone oil, the Japanese Shin-Etsu KF-96, 2-methyl silicone oil, Emulsified silicone oil, Silica gel, silicone, food defoamer, students with rubber mud, palm clay, color clay, carved clay, epoxy AB glue, green red gum, Crystal, head knot soil, Fimo clay, plastic raw materials button, water-soluble silicone oil, silicone oil emulsion, Shin-Etsu potassium-based high-temperature silicone oil and all kinds of silicone oil, Poly water, accelerator, light powder, hardening agent, caustic soda, caustic soda, titanium dioxide, bar-mode band, skim gauze, Wen Zhangbu, trimming needles, repair embryo gun oil, gun repair embryo, glass fibers, fiber cloth, hot sol, paint extinction powder, oil dry cleaners, petroleum jelly, ceramic mold release agent, green red gum, potassium soap, silicon oil, silicone, mold rubber, silicone Recycling of waste silicone resin, ceramic...

4. We supply and produce different shape and multi-functional memo clips, namecard holder, mobile holder, desk clock namecard holder with wooden, resin, plastic, metal, glass, arcylic or fimo materials. We can also supply multi-functional memo clips like memo clips with mobile phone holder, memo clips with glue tape, memo clips with photo frame, flahing memo clips......

5. FIMO的翻译

5. Leading products have carved sludge, Color Clay, Fimo clay, plastic flower arrangements of mud, mud°box, six-storey cement, mold clay, etc., the new products developed are: replace the Bolero resin, resin cost only Protoplasmic one-fourth of sandstone products, the product is that a great majority Products alternatives Bolero, low costs, and can be widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, pedal board, íù, garden series products such as coffee table base of production, is to reduce the cost of the best raw materials.

6. Before firing, I carve off the hair, since I'm going to replace it with coloured Fimo

7. The Olympic Philately, Numismatic and Memorabilia Commission is comprised of the International Federation of Olympic Philately, the International Federation of Olympic Numismatic, and the International Olympic Memorabilia Federation. The OPNMC in conjunction with the FIPO, FINO, and FIMO share the same goal: to increase awareness of all Olympic collections by linking them to the cultural activities of the Olympic Movement.

8. You can now carve away any unwanted parts, and add more Fimo to shape the back of the head

9. I like to use the Fimo surface as the actual skin of the head, so it's vital to remove all blemishes before firing

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