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1. 架;搁;靠
If you prop an object on or against something, you support it by putting something underneath it or by resting it somewhere.

e.g. He rocked back in the chair and propped his feet on the desk...
e.g. He propped his bike against the bus.

2. 支柱;撑棒;支撑物
A prop is a stick or other object that you use to support something.

3. 支持者;后盾;靠山
To be a prop for a system, institution, or person means to be the main thing that keeps them strong or helps them survive.

e.g. The army is one of the main props of the government...
e.g. I had two props in my life; one was alcohol, the other work.

4. (戏剧或电影中的)道具
The props in a play or film are all the objects or pieces of furniture that are used in it.

e.g. ...the backdrop and props for a stage show.
e.g. ...stage props.

5. (橄榄球争球时的)第一排边锋
In rugby, a prop or prop forward is one of the two players who position themselves in the front row when a group called a scrum is formed.

6. 同propeller
A prop is the same as a propeller .

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